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May, 11-12-13 2017


Meskhetian Turks have an authentic social history and collective memory as they have experienced various migrations, wars and exiles in different geographies since 19th century until today. Studies related to Meskhetian Turks have increased recently because they have lived on different political geographies and protected their identities and cultural characteristics wherever they migrate. Today, Meskhetian Turks keep their living in different countries by coping with various problems that have historical, philological, social, economic, legal and political aspects. Essential aim of the International Meskhetian Turks Symposium, which is planned to be organized in Erzincan University on May 11-12-13 2017, is to gather the researchers studying on Meskhetian Turks from an interdisciplinary perspective. Papers presented in the symposium are going to be collected in a book.

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Symposium Language

Turkish, English and Russian

Social Program

Social program will be announced later.